Why I Don't Make New Year Resolutions

That sounds strange, right?

I'm a Naturopath and I don't make new year resolutions?

I have found over the years (from my own personal experience and that of my clients) that it is very difficult to keep a resolution. Common resolutions include fad-diets and exercise regimens. But many people have forgotten about their resolutions by the time February rolls around.

So why do we fall off the bandwagon so easily?

I have found from my own personal experience that our mental/emotional state affects how we take care of ourselves. I challenge each of you to really look at how your mental/emotional state affects the resolutions that you made this year, and your ability to keep them.

Are you on a fad-diet for weight loss? Did you know that most of our overeating habits stem from stress or emotional factors?

Are you forcing yourself to keep an exercise regimen that is difficult for you? Did you know that if you don't love and accept your body, then it is more difficult for you to really take care of yourself?

The ideal New Year resolutions would be intentions to love yourself more, to accept yourself more and to lower your stress levels. Be with nature more. Actually enjoy the healthy food you eat and the exercise that you do... because you feel good.

It sounds counter intuitive, but most of our resolutions stem from our lack of love for ourselves (I just need to lose 20 pounds and then I'll feel better about myself, right?).

I'm proposing alternative New Year resolutions:

-Work on loving yourself. If you still feel self-disgust or similar blocks, then look at the reasons why you feel this way. An example that I have encountered in practice: I don't feel good about myself because my mother always told me that I needed to be skinnier. I started to believe her and now I can't love myself unless I'm 100 pounds. This is an error in innocence - a belief that we picked up because we didn't know any better at the time. Forgive yourself and release the belief systems that are no longer serving you.

-Be in nature more. Research actually shows that people who are in nature more are generally happier and healthier. 

-Less technology - step away from the computer... If you're unsure, just try it for a couple of weeks. You'll find that you have way more in-person interaction and were just distracting yourself from real life with technology. 
Once you have accomplished the above tasks, you will feel much better about yourself. 

And guess what? 

Once you love and accept yourself, the other things come naturally. You'll eat better because you actually want to take care of yourself. You'll exercise because you have the energy to do so. And these things won't be forgotten a month later, they'll become lifestyle changes that will last a whole lot longer than just a simple and forced new year resolution.

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